A: We assure you that there HAS NEVER been any virus or worm associated with any of our software. You can install our programs with the assurance that nothing will harm your computer.


You may have to disable your Anti-virus software long enough to install our program. Once installed you should get no further warnings about virus-like behavior.

Non-technical Explanation

Some anti-virus programs have erroneously marked that the core of our software installer which is embedded in each install program on our web site and CD's are infected by some trojan virus or worm. Wheel Gold installs and runs a program that patches Advantage Gold so that it will run the new Wheel Gold programs directly but will still run the dos versions for the wheels that were not upgraded. The behavior of this program is necessarily similar to virus behavior though there is nothing sinister involved.

The technical stuff for those who really want to know and can follow it

Wheel Gold installs and runs AplusWgoldPatch.exe as part of the install. That program patches the gail.exe file by replacing gailw.exe with wgold.exe and gailkw.exe with kwgold.exe then extracts a 13k wgold.exe file into the folder.

Wgold.exe reads wgold.ini file put in the folder by Wheel Gold when that folder is selected as the history file. Wgold.ini contains the location of Wheel Gold and which Wheel Gold Libraries are available. When F4, F5 F6, F8 or Smart Picks function key is pressed, Wgold.exe will bring up the Wheel Gold program for any serialized wheel gold libraries, or the DOS Wheel Plus wheel if the ini file is not found or if the wheel is not upgraded to gold.

Installing an executable and modifying another executable to run the new program is virus-like behavior (even though our programs have never had any viruses!) but it is the only way we can connect Advantage Gold to the Wheel Gold program and at the same time still be able to run the original wheel plus programs for the ones not upgraded.

See also: How to add program exceptions to anti-virus software.

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