A: This FAQ is for Advantage Plus only. The new Advantage Gold has better bonus/powerball handling capabilities, so we recommend upgrading to the new program.

The Advantage Plus history files do not have the option of specifying a separate number field for the bonus; the entire file will have one number range, which is usually the range of the main set of numbers.

The numbers outside the range are never drawn as bonus numbers, so when you set the file to use Bonus Only, you can safely ignore any mention of these higher numbers in the charts. They do not effect the statistics of the other numbers. They will come up in Smart Picks, but only if you choose more than the total of numbers the bonus actually uses, since the unused numbers are always at the end of the list.

For example, England's Thunderball game is a 5/39+1/14 game. If you set to use bonus only, you will still see numbers 1-39 in the charts, but only 1-14 will have statistics, since 15-39 are never drawn as a bonus.

For some games, the best option is to use the separate bonus only file, but we have only created a separate file for the most popular powerball type games.

See also: How to strategize for the Power/Mega/Bonus ball (and how to use Alt-B for Bonus Only) FAQ
and Wheeling for Powerball FAQ

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