A: This is the most common question we are asked about Lottery Master Guide (pages 45-47). We've written out more explanations for this topic to help your understanding of the games out concept until this section of the book can be revised. Note: Lottery Master Guide is required to follow this explanation. For more information about Games Out without aid of Lottery Master Guide, there is another example with a fictional drawing history in the lottery terms section of our site under Games Out.

Page 45

Draw Games Out Chart

Draw a chart like the one on page 45 of Lottery Master Guide that lists 0-5 down the page. Look at the Games Out column on page 42. You are going to be marking your chart for ONLY games 442-446 as the instructions tell you. For drawing 446, there is one "00" entry in the Games Out column, so mark an X in the 0 row of the chart you drew. There are two "02" entries in Games Out for game 446, so mark two X's next to the 2 row of your chart. There is one "03" entry for the game, so mark an X next to the 3 row in your chart. That's it for game 446 (because all the other skips are >5), so move on to the rest of the games in our range. When you're done you should get the first column of the chart on page 45.

Another way to look at it is to go through each drawing in the specified range (442-446 only) looking for "00" and mark all of those, then do the same for "01", "02", etc. Let's see how it works for numbers that are 2 games out.

The games out value of 2 appears in games 442-446 seven times:
442: 0 numbers are 2 games out
443: 2 numbers are 2 games out (numbers 24 and 33), so mark 2 X's
444: 2 numbers are 2 games out (numbers 17 and 41), so mark 2 X's
445: 1 number is 2 games out (number 27), so mark 1 X
446: 2 numbers are 2 games out (numbers 20 and 29), so mark 2 X's

0+2+2+1+2 = 7 total numbers are 2 games out, so you should have a total of 7 X's next to 2 on your chart.

Then, count how many x's are in each row and write the chart again with the number values. Write the chart one final time in order of lowest to highest occurrence of each skip value.

Page 46

Find Skips Values that are Most Due

After you've created this chart, you will use it to determine the skips that are most due, which are those that have the fewest number of X's next to them in the chart. This should be whatever skip value is at the top of your final chart. For this example, a skip of 5 is what we will concentrate on, since there have not been any instances of a number with a games out of 5 hitting in the past 5 drawings (which means future drawings are likely to have a 5 games out number hit to make up for the lack of activity).

Ignore Games Out Values Listed in the Chart for This Step

Now, we are trying to predict the numbers that will hit in drawing 447, and we want to find numbers with a games out of 5. This is not the same thing as the numbers that have a 5 next to them in the games out column because those values were the numbers' games out before their recent hit. You aren't looking at the numbers in the games out columns at all for this step because those are old values and we are looking for the current games out. To find current games out values, you have to go back that many drawings and find the numbers that haven't hit since then.

Go Back to Draw 441 and Find Numbers That Hit Then and Skipped 442-446

To find numbers with a current games out of 5 before drawing 447, we want to find the numbers that skipped game 446, 445, 444, 443, and 442 (5 games), and last hit in game 441. If we look at game 441, we see that 1-8-17-30-41-43 hit. If we follow number 1, that number hit again in 443, so it is not 5 games out as of game 447. Number 8 did not hit in 442-446, so that number is 5 games out and should be considered as a number to play for game 447. Number 17 hit in 444, number 30 hit in 442, number 41 hit in 444, and number 43 hit in 445, so none of these numbers have a games out of 5. That means number 8 is the only number we can use this chart to bet on. It would have been a good bet, because number 8 did hit in game 447. That's why it has a 5 listed under games out for draw 447 - but it's not why we knew #8 had a games out value of 5.

Another Example

Still confused? For another example with a fictional drawing history in the lottery terms section of our site visit Games Out.

Skips Due Chart in Advantage Gold

If you have Advantage Gold software, it will create these charts for you. You can select whatever "In Last" value you want to have the program automatically tell you the most due skips value and the numbers that match the current games out values. See how to find the Skips Due chart for more info.

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