A: The wheeling programs produce exactly as many combinations as stated in the wheel index, and they do not show any duplicate combinations. With the older Wheel Plus programs, we had some concerns that this was not the case. The new Wheel Gold programs should be much clearer in displaying the combination lists.

Scrolling Through Wheel Combination Lists in Wheel 4, 5, 6 Plus

In the old Wheel Plus programs, it may have been confusing to view combinations. If you are using the up/down arrow keys to scroll through a large wheel, it may appear like you are seeing combinations again, because the screen is just shifting one combination at a time. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the combination range that is showing at the given time (i.e. "Games: 1-48"). Then if you use the down arrow key, it will shift the first combination off the screen and add the next one to the end of the third column (i.e. at the bottom, showing "Games: 2-49").

Each column on the screen shows 16 combinations for a total of 48 on the screen at any given time. First column from top-bottom shows combinations 1-16. Second column top to bottom shows combinations 17-32. Third column is 33-48. When you press the down arrow, the first combination will move off the screen and everything else shifts by one to make room for a new combination at the end of the list. So you're now seeing 2-17 in column 1, 18-33 in column 2, and 34-49 in column 3. If you already wrote out tickets for the first 48 combinations on the screen, all you need to do now is add the very last combination since the rest are all the same ones that were on the screen before. Then press down arrow again for combination #50, and so on.

Using page-up and page-down will shift the entire set of combinations showing all new ones on the screen, so using these keys instead of the arrow keys can be a simpler option.

If you are still confused by viewing the combinations in the program, it may be helpful to print out the list of combinations or at least print to a text file so you can see the full set of combinations at once and cross them out after you add them to your ticket.

We recommend purchasing an upgrade from your old DOS wheel program to the new Windows version because it is much more user friendly and easier to view the combinations. Wheel Gold shows combinations in a single column format and numbers the combinations.

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