A: When a new lotto game begins and past history is limited, there are still ways you can improve your odds of winning.

Download Our History File or Tell Us About the Game

We try to start tracking new lotto games right away unless it is for a country that we have very little demand for. You can check the Lotto Alert page to see if we are already tracking the game. There will be links there to the SLH file and the free tips if they are available. If a new game has already started and you do not see it on the Lotto Alert page or in Lottery Updater, we may not know about it yet. Contact us with any information you know about the game, and an official link if you have it, and we will let you know if we can track it.

Strategize with Advantage Gold

Once you have downloaded the lotto history file for the game, you can still use Advantage Gold even after only a few drawings. Use the Short Term Trend Charts™ exclusively for the first five to ten drawings. These number selection methods can be used when as few as five lottery drawings have taken place. Short Term Trend Charts™ are explained in detail on pages 34 to 50 in Gail Howard's lotto book, Lottery Master Guide, and are included in the Advantage Gold software. Short Term Trend Charts™ can and should be used for lotto games no matter how many years of historical data it has, but of course only the past five to ten drawings are used for the Short Term Trend Charts™. Once the game has drawn 50 or 60 sets of winning numbers, you can start using the Medium Term Trend Charts™.

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