A: If you're showing a future date or old date that is obviously wrong for one of our history files (that you didn't enter into the file yourself), the file may have been corrupted when it was downloaded. We've heard of this happening occasionally, but we're not sure exactly what causes it.

The way to fix it is to delete the file and redownload from us. Our file may not be able to replace yours if it thinks your file is newer, so deleting the file first may be necessary.

How to Delete a File in Advantage Gold

From the Select History File screen, right click on a game and choose Delete File.

How to Delete a File in Advantage Plus

Either delete within Advantage Plus by going to option 1, highlighting the file, and pressing F5-Delete or delete from your hard drive by going to the C:\GH folder, selecting the file and deleting it.

Then you can redownload again from any of our regular update methods. Our history files are complete, so you won't lose anything by deleting the file and redownloading.

Redownload History File

Complete lotto history files (updated most weekdays by noon) for the games we track are available for free download a few ways from:
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