A: If you encounter this error when attempting to download a file in Lottery Updater, which says 404 error, or gives a message about being unable to download an index of files or a file, the cause is most likely that your anti-virus, anti-spamware, or firewall is blocking this program. Also, virtual private network software can block our program.

Add slhhttp.exe to Your Security Program's Exception List

Lottery Updater's program file name is slhhttp.exe and this must be added to your security program's list of exceptions. Unfortunately, the process for doing this is different in each security program, so we can't explain how to do that.

The first thing to do is to determine which program is causing the problem. To do this the simplest way, just turn off each security program, one at a time, and try the program after it is turned off. When it next works, you will have determined which program is doing the blocking. Then you can add slhhttp.exe to the list of exceptions for that program. Be sure to turn each security program back on.

In Norton, there is a place that allows you to specify the web site that is allowed, i.e. www.smartluck.com. In Commodo firewall and maybe others, the first time the program runs, the firewall will pop up and require you to allow the program to communicate, and it usually has a checkbox to say "remember this answer."

If you can't figure out how to add our program to your security program's list of exceptions, we recommend you first search Google with a phrase like "How to add file to Norton firewall", replacing Norton firewall with the name of your firewall program. If all else fails, contact the originator of that program.


If the above steps do not fix Lottery Updater, then you will have to install the history file or file set from our web site manually:

Install an entire set of files, USA, NON-USA or KENO or individual files. Save these files to your C:/GH folder when Advantage Gold is closed, and the file will show up the next time you run Advantage Gold. This method is a perfectly acceptable way of getting the histories and does not take very long to do.

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