A: The Pennsylvania dead lotto is referenced throughout the tutorial/manual and so is automatically installed with the program. The other history files change often and must be installed separately.

Install Updated History Files Online

For the newest versions of the files, install from our website for free. Advantage Gold (and the last install file for Advantage Plus) automatically installs Lottery Updater and you can run it directly from these programs. With Advantage Gold, go to the select history dropdown on the top right of the window, and click the globe icon at the bottom to open Lottery Updater. With Advantage Plus, there is a button to run Lottery Updater from the initial Advnatage Plus starter screen, before you open Advantage Plus itself.

If you don't have Lottery Updater already, you can download Smart Luck lotto history individual files or file sets or get Lottery Updater program to update Advantage Gold files.

Close Advantage Gold before trying to update histories.

Install History Files from Your CD

Installing from CD: Close Advantage Gold/Plus. Re-insert the CD, and when it starts up, install the USA-History files or the NON-USA files for International users. These files do not need any serial numbers or install keys. When the window opens up, it will show you the date the files were created, so you don't accidentally install old files over your new ones. Click the OK button to continue, then click UNZIP to install the files. It will only take a few seconds.

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