A: Lottery Master Guide and Advantage Gold give you many options for charts to study. All of these charts give you useful information of past trends in the game you play, and studying these can help you determine which numbers to play or exclude for the next drawing. The Drawings Since Hit Chart (Chart 4) is the most valuable chart in the program. It tells you when to play - and when not to play - specific numbers for specific drawings. You should never play lotto without it. The manual shows you which trends to look for in this chart.

Ultimately, it is up to you which lotto methods you think are the best to use. We know there can be an overwhelming amount of information, so we recommend focusing on just one lotto chart at a time until you are familiar with it. The manual and Lottery Master Guide are both excellent tools to learn each chart. Many of Gail Howard's lottery winners spent a lot of time studying these tools before they determined their favorite charts and methods. They didn't all use the same methods to win, nor did they all hit jackpots the first month they used the strategies. Advantage Gold can improve your odds of winning, but unfortunately, there is no guarantee you will win.

Smart Picks

For the most automated method, run any or all of charts 3,4,5,6,7,C, or D and then run the Smart Picks chart (W). Then choose the number of numbers you want the program to pick for you, and it will display the best numbers in order based on the charts you ran before the Smart Picks chart. You can also see how the Smart Picks numbers have done in each chart on the Lottery Scoreboard (V), which ranks each number by how many charts chose it as a Smart Pick.

How to learn lotto charts

If you'd like to strategize yourself, which is the recommended method, first become familiar with the basics of each chart (refer to the manual when needed). IMPORTANT: Then read through section 32 of the Advantage Plus manual (you can download the manual here) or page 161-164 in Lottery Master Guide for Gail Howard's secrets for winning.

Also see the Advantage Gold Quick Start Guide.

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