A: For most history files, if you try to access chart M. Ball Sets/Rotation in Advantage Plus/Gold, you will see this message: "Ball Set Tracking is TURNED OFF for this History. Press ENTER to Acknowledge."

We have had some confusion over this message, and questions about how to turn the Ball Sets on. It is not possible to simply change a setting to turn the Ball Sets on. The message just means that chart M cannot be used for the selected history file.

We only use Ball Sets for a very few lotteries, and they already show up for the lotto games we have the information for. Ballsets are not very useful since you won't know which set the next drawing will use.

But, if you want to track lotto ball sets yourself and keep your own file up to date, you can do so by modifying the file under option 1, F3-Modify, and move down to "ball set usage" which you can set to numeric or alpha to type numbers or letters. Note that if you download our file and it has the same name as yours, this change will be undone since our file would replace yours, so we recommend renaming any files you want to change.

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