A: If you bought multiple programs using different names in your orders, they will not be able to work together. Even if this is a slight variation, like a nickname or a typo in one order, the codes are generated to only work with the exact spelling of the name they were created for. You can install each program separately, using the codes/names listed for each, but the programs won't be able to access each other.

Changing Program Codes to a Different Name

You will need to call technical support at 1-727-441-8714 (1-5PM EST Monday-Friday). If you are the real owner of multiple programs, but we have them in two different records in our database due to a name variation, the records need to be combined and new serial numbers and codes for each program re-issued. Technical support can issue new serial numbers and after the programs are installed with the new codes, they should be able to work together.

Family Member Programs

If you have one program in your name, and your family member has another program in their name, you will both need all of the programs in your own name. We do have a 50% family discount so each could buy software that the other owns for half price. Call our order line to request this discount at 1-727-441-8906 from 8am-5pm EST Monday-Friday.

Future Orders

For future orders, if at all possible, use the same name in your order as you previously used. If you are unsure what name was used, mention in the comments of your order that you may have ordered under a different name.

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