A: Although you can use the USB flash drive lottery software without installing to a computer, you may want to backup the software.

Steps to Install a Smart Luck Flash Drive on Your Computer

  1. Remove the cap from the flash drive.
  2. Insert the flash drive into one of the USB ports in your computer
  3. If it does not come up on the screen, click Start -> Computer (My computer on XP).
  4. Find the flash drive in the list of drives.
  5. Click or double click the drive to open the flash drive.
  6. If it shows a list of files instead of running the Smart Luck Menu program, find ghmenu in the list of files and double click it to start it.
  7. Click on Backup/Install Options (If it has options involving the word Play, choose the option to open folder and do step 8).
  8. Click on "Install on this Computer". Follow through the prompts. The program does all the work.

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