A: Note: The new Advantage GOLD can only launch the new Windows Wheel Gold/FFWG programs. It CANNOT run the older DOS Wheel Programs. We recommended purchasing an upgrade to the DOS programs you own.

When you install Wheel Gold (demo or purchased program), it includes a stub program which will automatically allow you to launch Wheel Gold from within Advantage Plus if you have both installed. If you already had old DOS wheel programs installed (Wheel 4 Plus, Wheel 5 Plus, Wheel 6 Plus, or Keno Wheel), the new Wheel Gold will be launched from the Advantage Plus f-keys instead of the old programs.

Running Wheel Plus instead of Wheel Gold

If you want to run the old Wheel Plus wheel programs that you previously installed after you installed Wheel Gold, you can do one of two things:

1. Make a direct shortcut from your desktop to the gailw.exe and/or gailkw.exe to run these programs.

2. Copy the entire Advantage Plus folder c:\gh to another drive like maybe c:\ogh for example and modify a copy of the shortcut to match the new folder name. Then delete the file wgold.ini and do not choose that folder as the history files destination from Wheel Gold. The Advantage Plus in that folder will pull up the DOS wheels only.

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