A: If you've installed one of our programs and the program does not run when you click the shortcut icon that was created on your desktop, first try running the program directly from its installed folder to verify that it is correctly installed.

The new Windows programs are installed in the C:\Program Files\SmartLuck folder under more folders that correspond to each program.

For Advantage Plus, to verify the install, open Computer/My Computer, click on the C: hard drive, then click the GH folder, and find the file "gail.exe". Alternatively, you can click the START button, go to RUN and in the run box type:
c:\gh\gail.exe /ns
and click ok.

If the program runs, then it is just the shortcut that is at fault. If you get some kind of error, send us exact details of the error to Tech Support, so we can determine the problem.

Assuming the program runs, that would mean the shortcut is at fault. To fix that, erase the shortcut from your desktop (right click on the icon and choose DELETE, then say yes to send to recycle bin).

Then create a new shortcut:
Right click on your desktop on a blank space and select NEW -- Shortcut. Then in the dialog box that comes up, type: c:\gh\gail.exe /ns Be careful to get the backslash \ and forward slash / right. Click next, and choose an icon for the program, then a name for the shortcut. We recommend aplus, but it can be anything you want. Hopefully that shortcut will work properly.

We've encountered this issue a couple of times but it is unknown what could be causing the initial shortcut to be created improperly.

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