A: McAfee and Avast anti-virus programs have been falsely flagging Smart Luck software as a trojan virus. We assure you there are no virus components in any of our programs. Installr.exe is their program error, not ours. To continue with the Smart Luck install, you must turn off McAfee or other anti-virus software prior to installing our software. Once you've verified the Smart Luck program is installed and runs, you can turn back on the anti-virus software.

Steps to Turn off Anti-Virus Program
  1. Double-click the taskbar icon to open the Security Center.
  2. Click Advanced Menu (lower left).
  3. Click Configure (left).
  4. Click Computer & Files (upper left).
  5. VirusScan can be disabled on the right.
Consider Installing Free Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus Software

The new free Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus program was rated 5-stars by PC Mag. We recommend replacing your anti-virus program with this one. To get this program:
  1. Go to Microsoft's Security Essentials Download Page.
  2. Click the download now button.
  3. Choose the correct version for your operating system:
    windows XP
    Window Vista 32
    Windows Vista 64.
  4. Save the file on your desktop so you can find it easily. Note: do not "run" it. You must uninstall your previous anti-virus program before installing a new one, and it will require a reboot.
  5. Uninstall your McAfee security center (Click start, control panel and programs, then click on McAfee security center and choose uninstall. Or you can click all programs, then Mcafee and there will probably be an uninstall option there as well).
  6. Find the file you downloaded from Microsoft and run it to install the new program and follow the steps on the screen.
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