A: The position of the lotto numbers when entered in the wheel can change the wheel output somewhat. It can be disappointing when you have all the winning numbers within your wheel, but you don't hit a jackpot. Unfortunately, each wheel can only guarantee the minimum win listed for that wheel. Though it is possible that one variation might produce a jackpot or a higher win than another variation, there is no way to predict which way would be better than another.

Minimum Win Guarantee is Unchanged

The minimum win guarantee is the same no matter how the numbers are entered in the wheel, so it's just a personal preference of how you'd like to enter your numbers (sequentially, randomly, mixed high and low, etc.). The only way to guarantee a jackpot is to use a full wheel, which is very expensive and only works when you trap all the winning numbers in your set.


Wheel Gold can show you how many times each position is used in the wheel, so you can use this information to determine how to place your numbers if you want to. Click the Handicap button from any wheel to view the chart. Then, place your best numbers in the positions that show the highest numbers in the handicap chart, so they are used more often in the wheel. Since these are balanced wheels, there isn't usually a large difference for most of the positions, but there can be some slight variations if the numbers don't evenly divide into the wheel.

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