A: There are limits to the size of the wheel provided in your software. The number of numbers you are choosing to wheel has to be less than the number field of the game. That does not mean that you cannot enter numbers larger than that into the wheel, it just means you cannot enter more than that many total numbers. For example, if your game is a 5/50, and you are trying to use a 30 number wheel, you can enter any thirty numbers from your game, including number 50, but you cannot exceed thirty total numbers.

Don't Wheel All Lotto Numbers in Your Game

Gail usually recommends only wheeling about half the numbers in your game anyway, so don't worry about the fact that you have to leave some numbers out. Including all the numbers would have only increased combinations without increasing the minimum win guarantee.

To make the most of your money, strategize with Gail's lotto tips and charts to select the best numbers to wheel and eliminate cold lotto numbers that aren't likely to come up. Then wheel your best picked lotto numbers.

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