A: You can reinstall the Smart Luck programs just like you installed them the first time. You can install them on a new computer or overtop of existing versions of the program.

Reinstalling by Download

Visit the Downloads page and download the program you want to install. Follow instructions on that page to proceed with installation. Note: You may need your install codes that came with your software purchase.

Reinstalling Old 3.5" Disks

  1. Insert each disk in the drive and click START->RUN and type A:INSTALL and click OK.
  2. When the Install program finishes reading the files to be installed it will ask, for the drive where you want to put the programs. Normally just type the letter C and press ENTER. (Case does not matter.)
  3. It will then ask the folder/directory name to use. Please use the default of C:\gh, by pressing ENTER, unless you really have a good reason for using something else. All programs need to be in the same folder.
  4. It will ask you to verify that this is correct. Type the letter Y and press ENTER.

    Repeat these four steps for each program you are installing.

  5. If you are re-installing Advantage Gold, you do not need to install old history disks. Instead download our free Lottery Updater program.
  6. If you have installed Advantage Gold and you used the default folder of C:\gh then just click on this link, shortcut.exe, and "Open" this file from our location if possible. It will automatically create a shortcut on your desktop for Advantage Gold.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS when No Advantage Gold is installed or when not using the default drive.

The purpose of the shortcut program is to create a Windows shortcut on your desktop to one Smart Luck program so that you can start the program just by clicking on the shortcut. It works on all 32-bit versions of windows including 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (not the old Windows 3.x). Programs must be installed using the steps above BEFORE running the shortcut program.

Download shortcut.exe and save it in the folder where the Smart Luck programs are installed - usually C:\gh.

Then use START->RUN and type in the shortcut command with the required parameters as shown below.

If you are installing to a folder other than the default, specify that folder in the run command box after the shortcut command. For example:

D:\gh\shortcut.exe D:\gh\ would attempt to install the shortcut for Advantage Gold located on the d drive.

If you do not have Advantage Gold, this program can be used to make a shortcut for any of the Smart Luck Wheel programs by adding one of the following to the shortcut command: W, W+, F, F+, G, or K. For example:

C:\gh\shortcut.exe W+ would create a shortcut for Wheel Six Plus program in the default folder.

You only need a shortcut for one wheel program and only if you do not have Advantage Gold. Other wheel programs can all be accessed from the same shortcut.

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