A: You may see this error when you attempt to start one of our programs. There are several variations of the 16-bit subsystem message which can only occur on newer versions of Windows. If you search on Google for "16-bit subsystem error" you will find more than a hundred thousand references to it. The articles on the first page or so directly address this issue.

Apparently the problem is being caused by some program, probably a virus, worm, or adware program, erasing one or more special files needed to run DOS (including our programs) or 16-bit windows programs. The immediate solution is to replace the damaged files. Microsoft's solution is to re-install the missing files manually from your windows CD which is somewhat high tech for most people -- especially since many new PC's don't come with a windows CD.


We have bundled the three files involved into a self extracting Win-Zip file and each of the files is write-protected so the mal-ware program cannot delete the files again the next time you restart your computer.

If you have XP or XP-Professional: NOTE: Windows NT and Windows 2000 users. Change the folder name before unzipping to: winnt\system32 instead of windows\system32.

More Information about 16-bit subsystem Error

Please read this informative article about how to fix the 16-bit subsystem error, for more information.

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