A: If you have used Lottery Updater to get the latest files and are seeing old results, you may need to double check that the location specified in Lottery Updater is the same as the folder that the program is looking in.

Lottery Updater shows the folder at the bottom left of the screen (click the folder text to change it).

Advantage Gold shows the folder at the top of the window for the Select History File screen (option 2). If this does not match the Lottery Updater folder, you can click "change folder" at the bottom to select the same folder as Lottery Updater. The wheel programs also show the folder at the top of the window when you select a history.

Note: If your game has had a recent number format change, you may need to look for the newly renamed file, as we no longer update old files when they are replaced with a new one. Check our Lotto Game Changes blog posts to see if your game has been changed.

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