A: A few of our customers have voiced concerns about how the Australia lotto game files or occasionally other lotteries' game files are set up. We will not change the format of our games unless absolutely necessary.

Australia Lotto

Because Australia has several lotteries with the same 6/45+2B number format, the files can be confusing. We originally set these up as some customers had requested and we don't plan to change the format. Unfortunately, it seems there is no way to make everyone happy, as some players would like these drawings split up in different ways.

We track the lotto history under these game files:

England Lotto

The UK National Lotto has added a new Plus 5 game with the same format as National Lotto. These are extra drawings that you can't enter unless you also enter National Lotto, but because the official site lists them as separate games, so did we. The files are named eng0649.slh and eng0649.slh. It is not useful to combine the Plus 5 with the National Lotto drawings, since you can't even specifically strategize for the Plus 5 drawings and they could skew the results of the National Lotto game. The same numbers you choose for National Lotto would be used if you added Plus 5 to your ticket (plus, they are entered for 5 drawings at a time). We only include the Plus 5 history so that you can check your numbers against the file.

Using History View Filters

If you are looking to strategize with just Wednesday drawings from the Monday/Wednesday file, for example, you can still do this without changing the lotto history files we provide. You can set Wednesday only or Monday Only using the History View Filter, Option O in Advantage Gold or Advantage Plus. See our FAQ on History View Filters for more info.

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