A: If you're looking for California Mega Millions, New York Powerball, etc and you can't find it, look under the game name instead of state. Although we have listed the game repeatedly in Lottery Updater and Advantage Gold under each state, Advantage Plus does not list a file more than once.

Look for the Game Name ONLY, Not the State

Powerball and Mega Millions are MULTI-STATE games, which means although you can buy tickets in many states, there is only one game with one set of drawings. Most states refer to these games as "Florida Powerball", "Georgia Mega Millions", etc, so it can be confusing, but rest assured the drawings you will see in one state for Powerball and Mega Millions are identical to the results in another state.

Rather than have dozens of duplicate files, we have these files listed only by game name, rather than state.

In Lottery Updater, you'll find the files under each state they are played in under these file names:
- Powerball 5/69 + 1/26, file name pb0559.slh (Full Powerball history file)
- Powerball 1/26 Only, file name pb0126.slh (Powerball bonus only history file)
- Mega Millions 5/70+1/25 mm0570.slh (Full Mega Millions history file)
- Mega Millions 1/25 Only mm0125.slh (Mega ball only history file)
You can also download these files to save to your C:/GH folder by clicking the links above.

Once you've installed the history files, you will find them in Advantage Plus in Option 1 as just Powerball and Mega Millions in the list.

In Advantage Gold, there is also a "multi-state" category in the state list, so you can look for the file there if it is missing from your state's list.

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