A: The "PUBLIC is not a valid integer" error that some may encounter with Smart Luck's Lottery Updater has 2 common causes.

Try Deleting slhhttp.ini File

The first thing to try is to go to the C:/GH folder (or wherever your programs are installed) and locate slhhttp.ini. Make sure Lottery Updater is not running, and then delete this file (slhhttp.ini). Then run Lottery Updater again. The ini file will be recreated, and the program should function normally.

If Error Persists, Contact Us

If Lottery Updater is still giving you the same error after deleting this file, please contact technical support with details of the error and which files you were trying to download, because the other cause for the error is if one of the required files on our website is missing or corrupt. We will fix the problem as soon as we know about it.

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