A:To solve the missing GDIPLUS.DLL file problem that may cause an error with Smart Luck's Lottery Updater, download this self-extracting winzip file that will put the dll in your windows system folder. Select RUN to immediately install the file, or save to a location you will remember so you can run it at a later time.

If you're running Windows 98 or Windows Millenium edition then all you have to do when you run the file is click "unzip". If you have an unusual hardware setup where your first hard drive is letter E or F instead of C, you will have to change the file letter in the 'unzip to' folder. If you don't know where your windows folder is located, use the BROWSE button to locate it.

For Windows NT and Windows 2000, the windows folder name is WINNT but your best bet would be to use the browse button, locate your local hard drive, then the winnt folder, then the system folder.

After this file is installed, Lottery Updater should run with no problem.

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