A: In a few cases, Lottery Updater may not be able to locate your copy of Advantage Plus. If Lottery Updater (lusetup) does not find your installation of Advantage Plus, you will need to save the Lottery Updater program file, lusetup.exe in the folder where Advantage Plus is installed and then run it from there. Advantage Plus is usually located in the C:\GH folder, but if you don't know, you can use the windows search for files and folders and look for gail.exe, then make note of the folder where it is found. Otherwise, just install Advantage Plus normally so that a shortcut is on the desktop and/or the program is in a root level GH folder on any hard drive.

For Advantage Gold: To change the folder for Lottery Updater, click the folder icon or Change Folder link at the bottom of the Select History File link and select the folder that Advantage Gold is installed in.

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