A: NOTE: Download the NEW Lottery Updater first to see if that solves your problems.

First, check to see if you had Advantage Plus open when you tried to update the histories. If you did, the game that you had selected would not update properly. Please close Advantage Gold and update again.

Also, the Lottery Updater might not update a game correctly if the game has been discontinued. If it hasn't been discontinued, but has changed its number field, then what you need to do is run Lottery Updater, click setup, click clear, then click all US (or all international, or both if you want them all). Then click OK to save your choice, and then click download, and you'll get the new file. This will not remove the old file, but you'll see the new file next to the old one. This is necessary because a number format change requires the file name to be changed as well. If you still have trouble, you may want to delete your copy of the file first, and then redownload.

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