A: smartluck + SPAM = NEVER!

Smartluck.com has never sent a single unsolicited email or spam and we are thoroughly against those who do. However, at least one spam blocking organization used by certain Internet Service Providers (see list below) apparently list smartluck.com as an originator of spam, probably because of false reports from our competitors or from real spammers who use smartluck.com in their spam in an attempt to legitimize themselves or to maliciously defame us. Because of this, we are unable to reply to customers who use these ISP's because our emails don't get through to their users.

Email services blocking smartluck.com:

We've also had several personal web site mail servers reject us for the same reasons but we won't list them.

We are in the process of identifying the spam blocking organizations that are listing us and getting ourselves removed from such lists, but in the meantime, we cannot accept orders with downloads from such addresses. Please use a different email address to place your order. There are many free email services that will work with no problems including hotmail, aol, aim, gmail and others. We do NOT recommend Yahoo unless you are an experienced user since they dump mail from us into your bulk-mail folder and apparently with some settings strip any attached files we send (like program download codes) and many yahoo users don't seem able to find our replies at all.

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