A: The Drawings Since Hit Chart in Advantage Plus and Advantage Gold shows you the lotto numbers across the top, and the columns show how many drawings since the last hit for that number. Once a lottery number hits, you will see a ## for that drawing and the count will start over the next time the number missing a drawing. You will not see @@, dd, pb, bn, or dn unless the game you selected has a bonus/powerball number.

Symbol Key for Drawings Since Hit - Advantage GOLD

Symbol Key for Drawings Since Hit - Advantage PLUS

You should use ALT-B to turn off the bonus number position before studying powerball-type games and then use ALT-B to specify bonus only (or if available, use the separate bonus only history file) when studying the power/mega ball number.

The highlighted line of this screen shot (drawing 1419) shows a ## under number 15 which means #15 was one of the 5/56 numbers for draw 1419, and a dd under number 16 which means #16 was both in the main set of numbers and the Mega ball.

Abbreviated Drawings Since hit Chart

The abbreviated version of this chart will show similar letters, but they are a single digit instead of 2 since that is what fits in the chart.

Symbol Key for Abbreviated

Abbreviated Drawings Since Hit

The highlighted line of this screen shot shows number 12's hit/miss results as of drawing #2013. The number is on a current streak of 11 misses (games out value of 11) and prior to that, the number hit as the powerball number, as both powerball and main number, and as a main number.

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