A: NOTE: This FAQ is only relevant to Advantage Plus. Advantage Gold displays this chart differently. The alternating colors (yellow/blue highlighted lines) in the Hit Charts of Advantage Plus are to group lotto numbers that have the same rank within the chart. Ideally they would all be on the same line but that would make the chart unusable. Numbers are in the same group when they have the same number of total hits in that group of drawings. They are arbitrarily shown in numeric ascending order. The color grouping is just to show that the exact order is not relevant -- only the grouping is relevant. All lotto numbers next to each other with the same color are weighted the same.

In the above example, on the 621 game chart on the left, #26 had the highest number of hits (126) and was the only number with that value, so it was ranked #1 and highlighted in blue. #19 was ranked 2nd with 123 hits and highlighted in yellow. Then #15 and #24 tied for 3rd place because both had 122 hits, so they are both highlighted in blue. The rest of the numbers continue alternating colors for each rank position.

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