A: Yes, Advantage Gold does have a limit to how many drawings can be added to a history file, but this limit has only affected a few very long running lotto games, especially Keno games that draw 20 numbers and have drawings daily or twice daily. If you've noticed that the drawing number is not changing when a new drawing is added, this is because the first drawing of the history file is deleted to make room for the new one, so the drawing number of the most recent drawing will stay the same.

The size limit

The limit is the equivalent of 64k of data. We cannot change the limit, because DOS cannot address a block of memory larger than 16-bits = 64k. When we finish our Windows version of the program, this will not be an issue, but until then, there is nothing we can do to increase the number of drawings.

Charts are Still Useful

Even for those games where the limit has been reached, the statistics produced by the program are still very accurate. Many of the charts are short or medium term charts that only consider the past 5-50 drawings, and even the long term charts will have more than enough data to work with as there will still be thousands of drawings in the file.

Games That Have Reached the Limit

The games that are affected by this limit are Wisconsin Supercash (daily drawings for two decades), Virginia Cash 5 (twice daily drawings for more than a decade), Indiana Lucky 5 (twice daily), New York Keno, and New Zealand Keno. There may be a few more games that have reached or are close to reaching the limit.
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