A: Advantage Gold is Gail Howard's number selection software. Advantage Gold is very important for choosing lotto numbers wisely because the charts are based on the past drawing history of the games you choose. People who want their numbers chosen instantly for them can use the automatic Smart Picks®, which are based on seven of the charts. Although it is recommended that you use all the charts in Advantage Gold to select the best numbers to play, our customers (and jackpot winners) eventually settle on a few favorite charts -- and that choice varies from person to person. If one ticket per drawing is your limit, then all you need is Advantage Gold. However, your chances of winning increase significantly when you wheel your numbers.

Wheeling Programs

Advantage Gold contains NO wheels on its own. It is best used in conjunction with one of our Balanced Wheel® programs such as Wheel Five Gold or Wheel Six Gold. You can also use the free wheels we have on the website to get started with wheeling. For example, you can get a feel for the numbers with Advantage Gold, and pick 15 numbers that you like, then use the wheeling program to wheel those 15 by choosing a minimum win guarantee you can afford from the program below that corresponds to your game type.

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