DOS Programs (older Advantage Plus, Wheel 4, 5, 6 Plus, Keno Wheel, FWG)

The older Advantage Plus versions and older wheel programs do not install themselves into your system registry (this is how these programs can work on a USB flash drive without installing on a computer). There is no official "uninstall" for this reason, but all you need to do is delete the C:\GH folder or other folder you installed to and any shortcuts you made, and the program and all related files will be removed.

Windows Programs (FFWG, FWGP, Wheel 4, 5, 6, 10 Gold) and the new Advantage Gold

For FFWG or Wheel Gold, go to Start -> All Programs and find the SmartLuck folder, which should have a folder with each Smart Luck windows program you have installed. Go to the subfolder for the program you are wishing to uninstall, and then click the Uninstall link.

Alternatively, you can find the file by going to My Computer, navigate to the C drive, click Program Files, then SmartLuck and finally, click the FFWG or wgold folder. All of the files for the program are located here. Click the unins000.exe file to uninstall the program and it will remove all FFWG files and the folder from your computer.

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