April Fool’s :)

Introducing Rolling in the Dough 5/19 + 1/2

Due to the quarantine for COVID-19, this exciting new lottery is available online only and starts very soon!

How to Play

Rolling in the Dough costs $2 per play.

Select five numbers from 1 to 19 for the white balls; then select your Business number to decide if you are going number one or number two.

Choose your numbers on a digital play slip or click the FLUSH handle to allow the computer to select your numbers for you.

Select the Wash Your Hands button to submit your ticket.

Drawings are held once per week at 8pm EST.

Prizes for Rolling in the Dough

Jackpot: The top prize for matching all five numbers and the correct Business number is one 12 pack of 2-ply toilet paper per week for life! There is no cash out option due to the worldwide toilet paper shortage.

Matching between 1 and 4 numbers plus the Business number will win you one pack of toilet paper, currently valued up to $5,999 on Ebay.

Matching between 2 and 5 numbers without the winning Business number will win you one pack of single ply toilet paper which will hopefully get you through until the next weekly drawing.

Full Details

This is a satirical post! Unfortunately, this great new game does not actually exist. Happy April Fool’s Day! If this post brought a smile to your day, please share, from a safe distance of at least 6 feet only!

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